Do I need reservations for the Spa?

Yes. Advance reservations are required for all ultimate bliss massages and at least 48 hours notice is suggested for any lunch, brunch, and dinner reservations at Fire + Water. At least 48 hours advance notice is suggested for any Gourmet Boxed Lunches and Romantic Picnic lunches from the Kitchen Cafe.

Do I need a 4 Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive Vehicle?

Four wheel drive vehicles can be fun exploring the back roads in the area or off-road in all the National Forests nearby. Riding the back roads or off-road is one of the many pleasures of touring in the mountains but a four wheel drive vehicle is not absolutely necessary, but is advised for maximum enjoyment.

Most every place that you could desire to go is accessible with a regular vehicle.
The road system at Fire Mountain and all county and village roads are well maintained in the winter and also during inclement winter weather such as when we have snow. We are prepared for snow in the mountains. Life continues in the mountains when we have adverse winter weather unlike some urban areas of the South.

Since the inception of Fire Mountain in 1996 there has not been a day, to date, when guests could not come and go in their own vehicles, which of course does not mean that every day in the future will be the same.

If you are staying in Spruce or Sassafras, a 4 Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive vehicle is recommended for easy parking access, however it is not required. We have auxiliary parking available for 2 Wheel Drive vehicles.

What about motorcycles, very large trucks, and RV’s?

Our private road system is gravel and a lot of folks that own top of the line motorcycles do not like to have them on gravel roads and motorcycles are not very conducive to the peace, quiet and serenity at Fire Mountain. Also we do not have trailer storage or parking for trailers if you haul your motorcycle to the mountains.

Some very large trucks, especially diesel trucks, are not conducive to the peace, quiet and
serenity at Fire Mountain and they do not drive well up steep gravel roads unless they have four wheel drive. Some trucks are so long that they block our road system even when parked properly.

We do not have space nor parking for RV’s.

What kind of road system does Fire Mountain have?

Fire Mountain has a gravel road system, like most of the secondary roads in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Is there 911 emergency medical services?

You will find excellent 911 emergency medical services in the entire Southern Highlands and it is all volunteer. If you should need this service simply dial 911 from any phone or cell phone. You will receive a quick response to any medical emergency when you call 911.

The emergency room at the Highlands-Cashiers Hospital, which is located on Highway 64 East between Highlands and Cashiers, is excellent. It is affiliated with the Mission Hospital system in North Carolina.

What do the tariffs include?

They include the nightly rate for your accommodation and all associated taxes for sales and occupancy.
If you stay in the Inn or the Treehouses of the Inn your tariff includes a full breakfast each morning at our Fire + Water restaurant. Cabin guests may always add our Mountaintop Breakfast served in our Fire + Water restaurant each morning.

The only other add-ons at Fire Mountain are our Fire Mountain Enhancements and our Fire Mountain Cuisine for lunch and dinner. All add-ons are by prior request and must be pre-ordered.

When is maid service provided?

We provide departure clean for guests in the Highlands Lodge and the Manor House rooms. Maid service is available for an extra charge.

We are very proud to notify you that our housekeeping staff received a 100% rating from our county health department every year over the past decade!!

What about tipping?

We do not charge a “service charge” as some resorts do, but we do leave an envelope in your accommodation for you to use if you would like to show your appreciation to our housekeeping and food staff for services rendered.

Please place any gratuities in this envelope and give to any staff member at the Guest Services & Reception Office upon your departure to insure distribution to the appropriate staff members.

When is check-out?

Check-out is 11am or before on your departure date.

Do you permit Weddings, gatherings or Special events?

Yes, absolutely! We would love to have you host your event here with us in this very special place. Advance reservations are required. Contact us for more information on our packages.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes we are pet friendly. Pets are allowed when conforming to our pet policy and each pet must be confirmed “by name” in your confirmation letter to show approval.
If your pet should need medical assistance during your stay we highly recommend Rabun Animal Hospital in Mountain City, Georgia which is about 15 minutes or less from the top of Fire Mountain. Emergency Service is provided. Boarding is provided which may assist you if your pet does not meet our pet policy. Rabun Animal Hospital is located at 220 Cathey Road directly off Georgia Highway 23/441 between Dillard and Clayton, Georgia. Normal office hours are Monday – Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to Noon. Call 706-746-5100 during these hours. For emergency service after hours, the answering service will provide instruction on how to reach the doctors.


This is an absolutely wonderful environment for children if you desire to be with them in your experience. The Highlands are the absolute best for families that desire to be together for common experience.

Is smoking allowed?

No smoking is allowed in or outside of any building on Fire Mountain.

Cool and clean mountaintop air is our greatest luxury along with the spectacular beauty of our mountaintop. Please do not spoil these vanishing luxuries.

Can I order drinks at the bar if I'm not dining?

Not at this time but this will be available in the future.