Air Spa

Imagine yoga and massage from inside the spa or outside on private decks levitating out over fire and water infinity pools with those magnificent views to the west. The ultimate in exposure and experience of all of the magnificent elements that exist on top of Fire Mountain. Earth / Water / Fire / Air. Our spa program provides massage therapy, yoga along with guided hikes from the property acreage and back through the Nantahala National Forest. Simple / green and healthy!

The Ultimate Bliss

Massage with a light soothing touch geared toward relaxation or deeper, more vigorous, focused work to release stress, fatigue and tension from sore muscles. In Air Spa at a mutually agreed upon time. For double the price sequential massage for couples is available. 60 or 90 minute massages available. Order here

The  Ultimate Bliss Together

Air Spa also offers a 90 – minute tandem massage option for couples who wish to delight in luxurious relaxation together. Relax your minds and bodies as our therapists put you in a state of pure calm.
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