The distinct regional flavor to the cuisine at Fire Mountain celebrates the fruit of the earth and the joy of the seasons.

Our cuisine is inspired by our spectacular setting, the locally grown seasonal and organic produce from our organic gardens here at Fire Mountain and the surrounding mountaintop and valley farms of our immediate area. Our cuisine mirrors much of our philosophy at Fire Mountain – simplicity with subtle complexities.

Fire Mountain is located in an area known as “The Flats” which contains the 3,000 acre Osage Farms that produces crops at the highest elevations of any farming in the Eastern part of North America.

Here at Fire Mountain and in our immediate area the soil of these mountains and in the valleys below is extremely fertile as we are located in a temperate rain forest with an average 90 inches of rain fall per year. Crops begin to be harvested in early summer in the valleys all the way into late fall in the higher elevations where we are.

Our own organic gardens and orchards produce much of what is used in our Fire Mountain cuisine. Chicken and eggs come from our neighbor’s own farm. The blueberry’s come from our “next farm over” neighbor. Our creams, cheeses and butters come from our local creamery. Our meats come from the cows that graze on our meadows. Our breads are baked in our own kitchens.

We believe in cooking seasonally with locally and naturally raised foods. The culinary formula for Fire Mountain is based on creating light dishes built on seasonal produce. Using fresh, local ingredients means the menu is always changing. We believe that we are in a partnership with the land and are learning from it that sustainability is achieved when all relationships prosper. As we see it these relationships embrace not just the area farmers and cheese makers but our guests as well.

An intimate 40 seat restaurant of authentic modern design in a contemporary mountaintop setting. The ultimate in 20th century design finishes with each seat having our spectacular long range Fire Mountain views. The restaurant features art and sculpture from the Fire Mountain Art Collection! A unique mountaintop dining experience located on the western edge of the Highlands Plateau. *Advance reservations required

Viewing decks containing 50 seats bordered by an infinity pool / waterfalls cascading to lower pools along with fire elements all framing views that go out 50 plus miles from each seat on the deck. All deck furnishings, umbrellas, pots and plantings are a nod toward the graceful lines of 20th century wood furniture but made in Italy for EMU Design Studio of die-cast aluminum for durability and weather resistance.

The circular Carrara marble bar has 13 view seats inside and outside. Adjacent inside is an eight seat upholstered banquet with small cocktail tables that focus toward a contemporary fireplace. The use of authentic primitive Cherokee art and sculpture from the collection along with Italian white glass lighting fixtures and sconces creates a striking contemporary 21 seat bar and lounge interior. *Bar is reserved for dining guests only.

Our bistro cafe adjoining our open commercial kitchen with long-range views through large glass garage doors that open to the outside during our High Season months. Spectacular industrial interior of stainless steel, polished chrome, white plastered walls, and concrete floors with original Paris Fermob bistro tables and chairs in verbena, carrot, and aubergine! The place at Fire Mountain to drop in each day of the year to pick up gourmet food items and specialty gifts to enhance your stay! Think Gourmet Boxed Lunches and Romantic Picnic Lunches packaged in elaborate knapsacks to take on excursions! Coffees and teas on the run. Epicurean Delights!

There is a beautiful energy that relates to things that grow nearby, and powerful intangibles that come from eating foods from places where we dwell. In doing that, we take into our bodies something that has learned how to live in harmony with the land. This gives us all hope that we, the beneficiaries, might be able to follow suit.