Pre check-in and payment

We ask that you please prepay prior to your arrival

The day of your arrival we will send you an email that allows a contactless payment method by clicking the “Pay” button directly from your smartphone, tablet or desktop

No signing of registration card or credit card voucher

Room keys will be in the accommodation prior to arrival

Final Guest Folio with be emailed


No maid services will be provided.

Additional linens upon request and delivered to the accommodation in a plastic bag/plastic bags will be provided for dirty linens. Since maid service is limited, we ask that you please not use our bath linens for makeup removal. We have provided makeup removal wipes, cotton pads and utility towels for this purpose.

Trash may be placed outside the door for pick up daily (please notify Guest Services) You should find additional trash bags in the bottom of the trash can.

All magazines and literature are removed from the accommodation.



We ask that you please wear a mask in social settings

Six-foot seating distance at restaurant during breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner

Food brought to the property is to be consumed in the guest accommodation only

All staff are required to wear mask and gloves



Once an accommodation is vacated, we allow the accommodation to sit for 48 hours. At that point staff will clean the accommodation and remove all bedding including mattress pad covers and pillow covers to be laundered. Furniture slip covers and curtains are sprayed with disinfectant spray. All surfaces will then be wiped down with disinfectant wipes. Once the accommodation is cleaned it is sealed until guest arrival