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Fire Mountain is in constant evolvement. As a result there is always something new going on or happening or in progress. Check this section each time that you come back to our website. Also this section is a nice update for Previous Guests to check from time to time. Another way to be informed of “What’s New” at Fire Mountain is to sign-up for our new email newsletter which will be sent when we have something new to share.



When you click reserve anywhere on our website it takes you to our booking engine where you may conveniently make "real time" reservations online at anytime 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Now you may click reserve and conveniently book packages and specials through our booking engine.  Previously it was necessary to phone Fire Mountain Reservations to book packages and specials.  Now you may do so at your convenience 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Now you may also click reserve and book any of the enhancements offered at Fire Mountain.

Fire Mountain is very excited that we will have convenient online "one shop" shopping for everything that you would like to reserve for your stay at Fire Mountain.

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Loop Trail Extension!

Walking and hiking are a passion for many of our guests that come to Fire Mountain.  As many know the Southern Highlands are a hiking paradise. Fire Moiuntain is located in the Nantahala National Forest and is surrounded by five other National Forests and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

At Fire Mountain we have hiking trails that are passive to moderate in scope.  This past year work started on our new Loop Trail which will combine some of the existing trails on Fire Mountain with a new trail being developed into one “very fascinating” Loop Trail that will take you through every type of terrain and many of the vantage points that we have on the mountain.  The distance of this new trail will be approximately three miles.

A new portion of the Fire Mountain Loop Trail will open this spring.  We will keep you posted about this exciting development at Fire Mountain as the work progresses.  At present time completion of the Loop Trail is expected in 2013.

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Angelina & Jolie -   PET FRIENDLY!

Fire Mountain takes great pride in being dog friendly since our inception.  If you would like to bring your dog on your next visit please check and see if the Fire Mountain pet policy meets with you and your dog’s approval.

As many of our repeat guests know we have two doggie staff members at Fire Mountain.  Their names are Angelina and Jolie.  They are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, sisters from the same litter and now nine years old.  Needless to say they command the top of the mountain.

Hopefully when you visit they will be working and you will have an opportunity to meet them.  They are very sweet and adorable and bring much joy to the top of the mountain.

Remember that we always welcome your pet with pet amenities that are waiting in your Cabin upon arrival.  Your pooch will be thrilled!

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The Gallery -   NEW WORKS!

The Gallery at Fire Mountain is located in a free standing building on top of the mountain within the complex of buildings that create the Fire Mountain Inn.  The contemporary art collection at Fire Mountain is all privately owned and strictly for the enjoyment of our guests.  There is no art for purchase.


The collection is rotated several times during the year within the Gallery and the accommodations at Fire Mountain.   As a result each time you come back to Fire Mountain for a return visit you should be able to see and enjoy different pieces.  The collection includes paintings in all mediums, photography, and sculpture made of metals, marble and fused glass along with pottery.

We are proud to announce three recent acquisitions to the collection:

Martin Dawe    "Niya," 72" height, bronze sculpture, 2003

Atlanta, GA

Patti Quinn      "Stargazer," 19 x 19”, fused glass, 2000

Hull, GA

Ruben Cox      "Scaly Mountain, N.C.,"  36" x 36" color photograph, 2004 *

New York, NY

* This photograph is presently on loan to the Bespoke Gallery in Chelsea in Manhattan.  This photograph was published in the New York Times Newspaper on January 27, 2005 in an article about photographer Ruben Cox's most recent work which is presently being shown at the Bespoke Gallery.  The photograph was also published in the January 2005 issue of Artforum Magazine in an article about Ruben Cox.

From paintings by Ida Kohlmeyer to sculpture by Isamu Noguchi the collection is broad and diverse.  Once you see and experience the collection you will understand even more our need for privacy and safety in our secluded location. You will also find that there is nothing quite like this on top of a mountain in any part of the world that we know of.  A most wonderful experience for our guests to have and enjoy!

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Fire Mountain provides this wonderful service in your accommoation or our Gallery space at a mutually agreed upon time made in advance.

Massage is extremely popular at Fire Mountain.  During High Season most days encourage the immense enjoyment of massage being provided outside on your deck, terrace or porch.  Also in-suite tandem massages for couples are extremely popular at Fire Mountain.

Go view our enhancements for further details and to place your request for this wonderful service for your next visit.

There is something very intimate about being in a spectacular and beautiful environment and being able to have a most wonderful massage in a quiet and very peaceful setting with cool, clean mountaintop air surrounding you.

The ultimate bliss!

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The Fire Mountain Organic Garden is “the heart” of Fire Mountain Cuisine.

Last year members of the Fire Mountain Staff completed work on an expansion of the Garden which will enable Fire Mountain to have the produce and herbs that will be needed for the expansion of our cuisine offerings in 2013 for our lunch and dinner menu offerings.

Our new menu will be presented just prior to High Season 2013 which starts May 1, 2013.  There are some very exciting changes taking place this year and we will inform you of these changes as soon as the evolvements are completed.

Please remember to make sure that you place your requests prior to your visit in order that you may be assured of having the items that you desire.


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Sign up for our email newsletter so that you will get instant updates regarding “What’s New” at Fire Mountain prior to or just as it happens.

The Fire Mountain Newsletter will also inform you of any new packages and specials offered and of new happenings in the Southern Highlands.  We promise to never send out a Fire Mountain Newsletter unless we have something of value to inform you of.

Of course you may request removal at any time and instructions for removal come with every Fire Mountain Newsletter.  Your email address is never sold or given to anyone else for use.

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