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Huffington Post \ Us Destinations- Enjoy Mountian Views With Your Morning Meal at These 7 B&Bs

November 2013

Located at the highest point on Fie Mountain (that would be 4,000feet high), Fire Mountain Inn offers the ultimate in a digital detox.  Can't resist the urge to check emails or your Facbook updates? You won't need to bother because the inn does not provide internet access.  Also, the guest rooms, treehouses and luxury cabins are free of radios, alarmsclocks and phones.  What you will enjoy are breathtaking mountain views from all over the grounds and picture-perfect sunsets.

Southern Living - Bunk in a Luxury Treehouse/Luxe for less- Ocotober, 2013

A deck, a hammock, a 40-mile sunset view-what more do you need? Certainly not TVs or in-room clocks, neither of which can be found in the three treehouses atop Fire Mountain (elevation 4000 feet). Instead, you'll wake to birdsong and fill the days with hikes on the 300-acre property, along with trips to the orchard and, on Saturdays, bonfires.  Wildflower bouquets and from-scratch breakfasts can be delivered.

Southern Living - Getaway from it all. The gadget -free escape - November, 2012

Hiram Wilkinson and Mathew Gillen built the mountaintop haven about 3 miles west of Highlands to get away from their hectic lives in Atlanta. the six rooms, six cabins and three cozy treehouses are void of any TVs, or phones, but the inn's staff stands ready to equip guests with all amenities (such as extra bedding and matches to light the hand-laid fireplace). "The goal is to have everything in place so guests don't need to see anyone else the whole time they are here."  Hiram says. Of course if you want to see a little more of the Highlands area, Hiram and Mathew will be happy to tell you the best spots to shop and dine.

Author: Stephanie Granada.

The Wall Street Journal - Potpourri-Free B&Bs - September 12, 2012

This sprawling Smoky Mountain retreat holds 15 woodsy rooms, including four log cabins and three treehouse nest reached by boardwalks through the forest. Go there to disconnect - there are no TVs, room phones or internet. The interiors are equal parts shabby-chic and sparse, but baths boast Philippe Stark fixtures and hottubs. The rave-earning breakfast, served in the main inn, is made with fresh local produce.

Author: Steve Garbarinol

Macon County News - Tour of Inns provides historical experience, gourmet delights - December 2011

Fire Mountain, Cabins & Treehouses. This Inn is a unique mountaintop hideaway and is secluded on hundreds of mountaintop acres just a few miles from the Highlands town limits. It is a retreat composed of a sophisticated contemporary inn, real mountaintop cabins and private and intimate treehouse accommodations. Fire Mountain borders Highway 106 (Dillard Rd.) approximately six miles from Highlands. Once you turn onto Happy Hill Rd., all 15 accommodations sit a mile up on top of Fire Mountain in the middle of the acreage at an elevation of over 4,000 feet, and all have long-range mountaintop views.

This will be the first time that Fire Mountain has been open to the public since its inception in 1996 by Hiram Wilkinson and Mathew Gillen. The entire property has always been by reservation only and for the exclusive use of its guests.

Author: Mac Isaacs, contributing writer.

Trip Advisor "Certificate of Excellence" awarded to Fire Mountain - September 2011& September 2012.

Awarded to Fire Mountain for receiving an overall "Trip Advisor Five Star Rating" from guests reviews.

CMN Magazine / Destination Weddings - December 2010

How about getting married in a tree house? Fire Mountain Inn, Cabins & Treehouses in Highlands, North Carolina, offers an upscale, grown up version of a treehouse.

Author: Michelle Moore

Official Southern Highroads Trail Blog - Highlands, North Carolina Hotel: Romantic And Relaxing - November 2010

Highlands , North Carolina Hotels have dotted the scenic landscape of the small village for over a century. They have changed some with technology but they still offer that unique atmosphere of southern hospitality at its best. Highlands, North Carolina is known to have less than a thousand regular inhabitants that call this mountain getaway home. Although this is the case, typically fifteen thousand tourists will call it their home away from home at any given time during the travel season. Those who visit Highlands need a place to rest their weary bones and relax and Highlands , North Carolina Hotels are ready to oblige.

Highlands, North Carolina Hotels do their part in making Highlands one of the best kept getaway secrets in the south. There are many people that have never heard of Highlands , NC and therefore the pleasures that can be found there are hidden from their view. Many others however have found that this little Appalachian Mountain Paradise is the place to go to ignite or rekindle romance or to simply relax in a place where everybody knows your name.

For a truly unique lodging experience in Highlands it is recommended that you give Fire Mountain a visit. No, Fire Mountain is not a volcano but it does overflow with charm and opportunities for romance. Fire Mountain is a lodging destination that offers you a variety of options. Located just a few moments outside of Highlands this hideaway offers quaint little cabins, cozy tree houses and a charming country inn. Streams, waterfalls and a mountain top view that will simply take your breath away surround this retreat. Memories are made of this.


Author: Suzanne Najbrt lives in Atlanta with her family and regularly travels Southern Highroads Trail and she also maintains the Official Southern Highroads Trail Blog.

Where 2 Now, The Online Travel Magazine - October 2010

The Inn at Fire Mountain

Just outside the town of Highlands, North Carolina, somewhere off the Dillard Road over 4,000 feet above sea level is the private mountain top hideaway of Fire Mountain. Situated on over one hundred acres the property boasts expansive mountain views and wonderful accommodations with a contemporary flair.

The trails on the property are a perfect prelude to the hiking that's available in the area. You can walk through the horse pasture with its long-range views, through the small, quiet and private subdivision adjacent to the Inn's property, all the way up to the top of the mountain where the vistas seem endless. The climb is pretty steep but the benefit is that the road is paved all the way to the top. On the way back down take a look inside the art gallery in the main building, check out the library next door and if your room doesn't have a spa tub, take a restorative dip in the one on the adjacent outdoor deck.

The guest quarters include five cabins with six rooms, six rooms in the Inn's main building and three private Treehouse rooms that offer wrap-around decks for gazing at the breathtaking mountain views. Innkeepers Hiram Wilkinson and Mathew Gillen excel in providing their guests a wonderful experience.

Some amenities that are included in the rate are gourmet breakfast for Inn and Treehouse guests, indoor or outdoor spa tubs, fireplaces in some cabins and BBQ grills on cabin decks or patios. For a fee you can arrange an individual or couples massage, order something from the seasonal dinner menu and have it delivered to your room and if staying in one of the cabins, order breakfast for two. A plus for pet owners the Inn allows pets in the cabins for those who wish to bring their furry friends with them.

Choosing to bring our new puppy with us, we reserved the Chickadee cabin. It faced a pretty meadow and was flanked by giant spruce trees that separated it from the huge organic garden. A small fully equipped kitchen, queen-size bed, an enormous spa tub in the middle of the room and a private patio facing the meadow made for a long, luscious weekend.

Further down the Dillard Road, heading towards Highlands, you'll pass a couple of overlooks with panoramic views of the Blue Ridge. In this part of North Carolina you are completely immersed in, and surrounded by, the enormous Nantahala National Forest. The trailheads for the Bartram Trail and to the top of Scaly Mountain can be accessed here. We took the one up to Scaly Mountain and were rewarded with a gorgeous view and a welcome breeze at the top. Very steep at the beginning, I was glad to be wearing hiking boots rather than sneakers.

The area is also known for its waterfalls and swimming holes. We took a handful of short hikes to see several of these throughout the area. From Highlands to the nearby town of Cashiers, there were quite a few that ranged from Bridal Veil Falls, directly on the road, to one that fed into a pretty swimming hole about a five-minute walk from the road.

The Inn's proximity to the town of Highlands made dining out very convenient. Wolfgang's was a favorite and the shop windows offered a way to walk off dinner that wasn't as strenuous as our hikes had been during the day.

Before our dinner at Wolfgang's I had an unexpected but enjoyable encounter. While waiting for my husband to park the car, I strolled down the alley adjacent to the restaurant and came upon a small storefront window. Peering through it I saw a collection of various wood turned vessels that were exquisite. All different in size and shape, made from various woods. Behind me, leaning on the wooden railing that separated the alley from the restaurant's small garden, was a man in overalls with a blue bandanna covering his head, holding a slice of pizza in one hand and a bottle of Peroni in the other.

When I tried the shop's door it didn't open right away and considering the hour, I assumed it was closed. The man behind me immediately told me to please go right ahead and enter; the studio was still open. Well, it turned out that he was the artist, Robin Piscitelli, and he proceeded to show me the beautiful wood turned vessels on display in the small studio. He answered all my questions and showed me the machine in the next room where he magically turns huge blocks of sugar maple, walnut, chestnut and other varieties into beautiful works of art. The finish on his pieces is absolutely spectacular, smooth as glass and polished to a high sheen to show off the beauty of the grain and the imperfections he feels gives each piece its own unique character.

Later on, I learned that he is a leading artist in the field, taught by Paul Ferrel and influenced by David Ellsworth with collectors all over the country. This was the first time I ever had an accomplished artist patiently take the time to share his art and let me see, however briefly, the mind of an amazing talent. And because of him, on hot summer days I always wash down a slice of pizza with an ice cold Peroni.



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Fire Mountain Inn, Cabins, and Treehouses

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