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Fire Mountain Inn, Cabins and Treehouses is a place for rest, rejuvenation, discovery, and creation

Fire Mountain was created for guests to relax, rejuvenate and nurture relationships in a spectacular and beautiful setting that is peaceful and provides solace from the rigors and stressors of the outside world.

We desire for each guest to have a very unique and quality experience each time that they visit. We desire for the experience and the property to continue to evolve each day and to always be better each time a guest returns. We desire for our guests to have the highest possible level of comfort and support.

Historically people have come to our mountains for rest, relaxation, solace and the spectacular beauty that abounds. Coming into a spectacularly beautiful natural environment that offers the luxuries of clean and cool air in the very high elevations of our beautiful mountains and where as many outside stressors as possible have been removed, puts you into a very blissful state of mind so that you desire to relax, rejuvenate and nurture relationships. This creates a magnificent quality experience.

Providing the quality support for this to happen is exciting and takes great creative talent. That is what we do at Fire Mountain. This is our essence. Our excellent staff makes it all so wonderfully possible for our guests.

Coming back looking rested, rejuvenated and renewed wasn’t considered an indulgence but a necessity in times past. Today it still is a necessity if you desire an opportunity to have or continue a quality life.

At Fire Mountain we create an environment for peace and solace. What comforting words. More and more people want to retreat, to find that safe, quiet space in which to gather their thoughts and take stock: a place without interruptions and without an agenda.

The feeling created at Fire Mountain is completely informal and it is in precisely that very relaxed attitude that the luxury lay. Each day we strive for absolute simplicity with subtle complexities.

Above all we desire for our guests to enjoy the spectacular environment at Fire Mountain as much as we do. We hope that our guests, by spending time at Fire Mountain, come to realize that the true luxuries in today’s world that bring us health and happiness are the same quality luxuries that were here before mankind: cool clean air, cool clean water, spectacular beauty, peace, quiet, seclusion and serenity.

Our hope is that our guests leave recognizing and understanding more fully that the outside stressors of today’s world do not bring health and happiness and that only those luxuries provided by Mother Earth, that are diminishing everyday, are the true aids to a healthy, happy and quality life along with the people in our lives that mean the most to us.

Fire Mountain is a place for rest, rejuvenation, discovery, and creation. This happens each day for our guests as a result of their experiencing the natural luxuries of the environment that exist at Fire Mountain today.

Fire Mountain Inn, Cabins and Treehouses

Highlands NC 28741